Current Habits to Desired Futures

Note to future self…

Another very powerful question:

Can my current habits carry me to my desired future?

This question is very powerful for two reasons – one explicit and the other implicit. The explicit reason is that it forces us to figure out what we want and understand whether we’re on track to achieve that.

The implicit reason why this is a great question is that it forces to understand what the heck are we even doing today. This is surprisingly difficult to do because so much of what we do on a daily basis isn’t really intentional.


I think that it’s fairly easy to take action based on this question. Here’s what I am doing:

  1. List every habit: both intentional and those that we know we have but don’t necessarily act on
  2. List your goals: both short and medium term (monthly, quarterly and yearly goals)*
  3. Figure out any blockers: it should be fairly evident if any of your current habits is at odds with one of your goals or even another habit
  4. Take action: either change the habit or change your goal(:

Now back to work…

  • I am not sure if the order of operation matters between 1 and 2. Will report back if I have any further insights.