“Conviction: a strong persuasion or belief.”

To do shit that matters you need conviction. A lot of it. The problem with conviction is that you need a lot of it over extended periods of time and only you can “source” this resource. Other stuff won’t cut it and you can’t get conviction from anywhere or anyone else.

I also think conviction is a tricky concept because there’s a fine line between having conviction and being a fool. Conviction also has a close cousin called arrogance and it is not fun. If you have too much conviction you run the risk of being a fool and not recognize that your beliefs are wrong. If you fail to recognize that over an extended period of time you go from being a fool to being arrogant.

However, the biggest challenge with understanding conviction is that people tend to confuse conviction with confidence. To me confidence has this connotation of being an external expression of being certain about one’s belief or worth. On the other hand, conviction feels like a quality that emanates from within the individual and it shows his or her firm belief in their ideas. This is why in my opinion conviction is so important but so hard to achieve.

Conviction has to be something genuine and you can’t “fake it until you make it” like you do with confidence. Confidence is what allows you to muster up the courage to walk up to someone at a bar and start talking to them. Conviction is what allows you to make a fool of yourself in front of that person because you belief deep inside you that that person will like you for who you’re.

This sounds very cheesy but it’s very important stuff. Conviction allows you to cut through the bullshit and stay consistent when everyone else folds. This applies to everything in life from talking to people at a bar, to building companies, or running for office. We need to have more conviction in life because it allows to do shit that matters.