Controlled Chaos

Note to future self…

Do we need to struggle if we don’t do so naturally? Could we create our own struggle and orchestrate it to isolate ourselves from the real struggles in life?

This might sound like whacky questions but hey what else are we going to talk about? Let’s do this.

Ok, so I have been thinking about struggle and whether we it’s a necessary component of the human experience. It seems that everyone has struggles in life including those that have everything that they could desire (wealth, health, a loving family, etc.). From my own experience and observing others it seems that struggling is something we need to find meaning in life. Struggle seems to give us a sense of purpose.

This sounds counterintuitive and I won’t go into the thought process that led me to this conclusion but it does feel that that’s the case to me. Having said so, if my assumptions are true and we need to struggle in life there’s a problem. Our struggles seem like made up problems that we impose in ourselves. . These struggles are made up by our mind that is looking for that next threat.

That’s fine if we use that struggle to push us to become a better person and help others. If we let that struggle take over our lives we’re playing ourselves.

Taking Action

If our struggles are interpretations of life made up by our minds, then maybe we can control those interpretations and use them to our advantage. Maybe we can create a certain struggle in our lives that pushes us to become a better person and exert ourselves in ways that we would otherwise not think it could be possible.

Navy SEALs that put themselves through insane training reminds me of this. They really don’t have to go through this very real struggle but they do and they tend to come out stronger on the other end.

If you can control your struggle and the chaos in your life, then you’re in control of your life. Period. Acknowledging that some struggle is ok and even healthy can be enormously liberating and powerful. I want to play more with this idea of creating my own struggle and being aware of that.

I acknowledge that this desire to create my own struggle is me being naïve and trying to have control over things but I think that it’s an idea worth exploring. Let’s see where it goes.

Now back to work…