Context, Observation, Takeaway

Note to future self…

The Context

Starting yesterday I started to add some structure to my daily posts. Here it is:

  • The Context: here’s where I provide background information and establish my premises.
  • The Observation: here’s where I make my points and any counter-points.
  • The Takeaway: here’s where I present the so what? or things to consider next.

The Observation

I believe that well-aligned constraints are good and this experiment is very an exercising in constraining my writing. I feel that long-form posts without structure or tweets just don’t provide the right medium/format for the type of writing that I want to share.

I am sure people have thought of better ways of structuring short thoughts but here’s why I chose this structure:

  1. Portability + Extensibility: posts can hopefully stand on their own but they also offer a natural entry and exit point to help weave a series of posts together.
  2. Consistency: going from context to observation to takeaway can hopefully take readers and me on a very brief journey where we learn something new(:

The Takeaway

I’ve written these daily posts for over a year now and I feel that now is a good moment to add some structure to my thoughts. I also want to see if structuring my posts in this way improves my writing/storytelling in any way.

These categories are bound to change and I might not follow the same structure for every single post. It’s simply an experiment worth pursuing(:

Now back to work…