Comparisons: Micro vs Macro

Note to future self…

I recently came across this tweet and it really resonated with me.

I’ve realized that there’s this misalignment between my actions and what I think is the right thing to do in life.

I tend to maniacally survey my environment and my peers and use that input to match it against my current inner state to guide my behavior. I think we all do. This helps inform everything from what I wear, to how I behave a dinner table, to how I build my company.

Comparison is at the core of the human experience. Yet we’re repeatedly told that we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. How do we reconcile that?

I believe that this tweet helps answer that question. Comparisons are fine as long as they are ‘two dimensional’. James analyzes it via a micro/macro framework.

I personally prefer to think about it as an equation where you can compare two sides of an equation as long as neither of them includes a time component. In other words, I believe that most negative comparisons stem from not properly assessing the value of time. For example, you might feel bad because someone else is a lot wealthier than you’re. That’s a negative comparison that’s driven in part because you’ve not weighted the fact that over time you could also get to that point.

In any case, I will stop here.

Now back to work…