Changed my mind: B2B

Note to future self…

Here’s something that I’ve changed my mind on lately → B2B Startups.

For a while now, the one rule that I had for starting a company was that it was going to be a consumer space. My rationale was that I am a relatively young founder with no real world-life experience so I should focus on doing a startup with ton of market risk where I have some key insight on the product/problem.

Nevertheless, I was wrong. Things are not that simple. Furthermore, I was optimizing variables that didn’t really correlate with building a meaningful business.

If I look back and reflect on the companies that I admire the most, it’s very evident to me that the companies that I tend to admire the most skew heavily to b2b. For example:

  1. Notion
  2. Figma
  3. Github
  4. Slack
  5. Many more…

These are all b2b companies even though they have a strong consumer component to them! This marketing + sales (or b2c + b2b) combination is what make all of these companies truly fantastic. I want to build something like this and I will!

So this is me officially breaking my only rule.

B2B can be as exciting and as impactful as consumer companies. Don’t let your ego get in the way. Build something meaningful. That’s it!

Now back to work…