Books vs. Articles

Note to future self…

I hear a lot of people talk about how a lot of books (specially business & self-help books) could be summarized in a blog post instead of requiring a whole book to make one point. Although I do believe that some writers could be more succinct, I wholeheartedly disagree with these people.

I believe that efficiency is not what book authors optimize for although there are certainly a lot of books that are jam-packed with valuable information. My point is that I find value in books where authors repeat themselves because that allows those points to sink in into my head. Furthermore, understanding the main arguments from different angles (e.g. through different examples) allows me to get a better grasp of how things work. In a way it allows me to put all the pieces together, disassemble the whole thing and put it back together.

If the book is worth it, I believe that you will make an effort to understand what the author is saying. If the book is just repetitive but provides little to no value then it’s probably better to just stop.

That’s it. There are no actionable takeaways. Just a case for reading good books even if they are a little bit repetitive(:

Now back to work…