Big Success Comes from Small Wins

Time and time again I tell my friends about this idea of kaizen or making progress through incremental steps and that’s because I am a firm believer in this idea because I think that incremental progress is sustainable and replicable.

I also feel that this philosophy is particularly true the harder the challenge that you might face and that’s why it’s so powerful. The inversely proportional relationship between the level of difficulty of a challenge and the effectiveness of this framework is what makes it one of my most robust tools.

For example, since graduating in May I’ve been toying with the idea of working full-time on my side project because I feel that it has a lot of potential. Having said so, committing to working on an idea full-time and dedicating some of the best years of your life to it is quite a hard ask if you’re not 100% committed. Having said so, I’ve applied this idea of making small progress toward my goal of validating my idea to remove the fear of the unknown. I think that big challenges like starting a company can be very scary but making consistent progress has been my best bet in figuring things out.

The Problem is Consistency

Everything that I’ve said might seem very intuitive but when things start to break is in the execution of this idea. Consistency is key when it comes to achieving anything worth doing and this, by definition, is especially true when it comes to making sustained progress over a long period of time. Therefore, whenever someone asks me how can I read so many books, learn to program, lose weight or anything else I tell them that consistency is key.

Every day I work hard towards being more consistent. I even come up with crazy ideas like double-loop incentives to help me stay on track. My point is that it’s hard but it’s definitely worth it so if you have a big challenge ahead of you break it down and try to do one small thing every day to move closer to your goal. Things will fill like they are moving incredibly slowly but eventually results will compound and that challenge that at one point seemed so insurmountable is suddenly within reach.