Bad things can be bad on their own

Note to my future self..

Today I learned that analogies for explaining bad behavior is not a good idea. I know that comparing certain things is not good but after watching this video I think it really clicked for me. The premise of the video is simple:

Bad things can be bad on their own. You don’t have to compare them to other things to validate how bad they are.

The classic example that I’ve seen that kinda resembles this idea is when guys condemn abuse of any kind towards women because they have a sister, mother, daughter, etc. The truth is that behavior should be condemn because it’s bad. Period. You shouldn’t feel that it personally affects you in order to sympathize with it.

Now what the video argues is a little different because in the case I mention there is no direct comparison of X to Y (animal suffering to racism as the video explains). Nevertheless, the lesson still holds. Bad things can be bad on their own. There is no need to drag other issues into the situation(:

Here’s the video in case you want to watch it.