Avoiding Hard Work

Note to future self…

It’s so easy to get distracted doing work that simply doesn’t matter. I am not referring to work were you don’t see results. I am referring to stuff that literally won’t make a difference.

I believe that anyone that is able to consistently focus and accomplish the one thing that will get them closer to their goal is so much closer to being successful than anyone else.

There’s nothing new in what I am saying. The fundamentals are worthing repeating over and over.


The best approach that I’ve had to solve this issue of working on things that don’t matter is to:

  1. Before going to bed outline 3 things that I want to accomplish the next day. I revise this list until I feel that the three items in it high-leverage (they can move the needle on a big project)
  2. During the day check-in to make sure I am on track to hit the three things in my list
  3. Every week I do the same but for the goals that I want to accomplish the next week

It’s not always perfect but I am trying my best!

Now back to work…