Athlete Mentality

Note to my future self..

As we enter the last month of the year I am thinking more and more about what I’ve done well and what can I improve on for next year. In this process I’ve realized that an interesting way to think about my personal development can be to treat the whole process in the same way an athlete would treat his or her conditioning. In other words, I can start thinking of my habits, health, sleep, diet, goals and everything else as the core components that make up a great athlete.

I don’t know if I am articulating this correctly but the point is to take things like sleep, diet, exercise, health, etc. a lot more seriously in the same way that a real pro athlete would. At the end of the day, I spend most of time using my brain but I need my body at 100% in order to do that.

Treating yourself as pro athlete also puts you in the mindset that you’re a valuable asset that has to be trained and taken care of in order for it to remain valuable. This way of thinking about yourself can be very powerful especially if you operate in high stress / high intensity environments.

Anyways I will give this experiment/philosophy a try and will report back any findings.

Now back to work.