Assume that this idea is the right one

Note to future self…

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been doubting myself. Am I working on the right idea? Can this really be the next big thing? This thought has literally paralyzed me to the point that I am not getting a lot of work done.

However, I think that today I have an answer. I just listened to someone that I admire a lot say that sometimes you just need to assume that your idea is the right one. Sometimes you just need to take that leap of faith.

The price of doubt in this case is extremely high. Your chances of success increase exponentially by eliminating this one variable – how you rate your idea. It seems simple but it isn’t. Assuming that your idea is right and not questioning it probably goes against everything else you’ve been taught.

It’s irrational. However, it might take an irrational mindset to accomplish an irrational task.

Now back to work…