Articulating Problems & Their Existence

Note to future self…

Lately, I’ve realized that I unconsciously assumed that if I couldn’t articulate a problem I had or that I was trying to solve, then it probably meant that there was no real problem, to begin with.

In other words, my inability to articulate something is what determined whether it existed or not. This is obviously wrong. However, for some reason I kept believing it.

To be more specific, I’ve struggled to define the problem that I am trying to solve with our product. I know that the problem exists but I still struggle to define it. This has made me wonder whether we’re solving a real problem at all.

My inability to communicate the problem that we’re solving clearly indicates that I don’t know the problem well enough. After all the best way to know if you know a subject really well is to explain it to others clearly. I still can’t do that.


An inability to convey a problem doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. It just means that you have to work harder to figure how to explain it. That’s it(:

Now back to work…