Analytical vs. Critical Thinking

Today I learned that there’s a difference between being analytical and being critical. Here’s a definition I found of both types of thinking:

Analytical thinking is the mental process of breaking down complex information or comprehensive data into fundamental parts or basic principles.

Critical thinking is the mental process of carefully evaluating information and determining how to interpret it in order to make a sound judgment.

According to this article “a basic difference between analytical thinking and critical thinking is analytical thinking involves breaking down complex information into smaller parts while critical thinking involves taking outside knowledge into account while evaluating information”.

The article goes on to argue how analytical thinking get to the truth by helping you form an opinion based on the information you gather from the process of breaking down the problem. Meanwhile, critical thinking arrives at the truth by evaluating a variety of sources including your own previous knowledge and the arguments made by 3rd parties.

I am sure that I am just scratching the surface with this but I find it fascinating that there’s this distinction between two terms that up until I know I used interchangeably.