Analog to Digital – shift from paperback to phone

Note to future self…

The Context

For the longest time I’ve believed that the best way to read books is on a paperback. I consider myself technologically savvy but physical books were one of the last holdouts against software eating my world. However, I’ve recently decided to shift completely to digital books. Specifically I’ve shifted to reading everything on my phone or iPad.

The Observation

Why? Well reading on my phone and/or iPad is 10x more convenient and cheaper. I can read anywhere, as opposed to having to carry a book with me everywhere. This added a lot of friction that in aggregate made it really difficult for me to read about a 1 book per week. For example, I do a lot of my reading at night and reading on my phone is a lot easier than being in bed and having to highlight a book, turn the pages and try to focus while having bad lighting. All of these little details seem really minor and they’re but when you add things up it made reading on my phone a no-brainer.

The Takeaway

When a habit is 10x easier and more convenient it will become the default. In this case, reading on my phone is 10x cheaper, faster and more convenient than buying, reading, highlighting and storing physical books.

Now back to work…