Aha! Moments

Note to future self…

Every great product has that Aha! moment with every user. An Aha! moment is that moment soon after a user starts using your product (hopefully) where the obtain some value that helps them understand how your product can make their life better.

What are we doing with this

We’re thinking about what our Aha! moment is for our users. This should be easy to understand and test. If the user is having that Aha! moment or not should be evident to anyone observing user behavior.


These are the questions that we’re asking ourselves: ****

  1. What is the Aha! moment for your user? Focus on one.
  2. Once you understand that Aha! moment how can you get them to experience it more quickly?
  3. Once you can consistently close that loop how can you strengthen it? Can you increase the frequency? What about the intensity of that Aha! moment?

That’s it. We will report back if we have any updates.

Now back to work…