“Ah this is where people quit”

A note to my future self..

This week I read The Dip by Seth Godin and the book has a couple of interesting takeaways. In this post I want to talk about what happens in our brains right before we decide to quit something. Seth argument for this book revolves around the idea of “The Dip” or this period of adversity that everyone faces in their journey to accomplish something meaningful. Seth’s argument is that anything worth doing has a dip in order to weed out people from doing it. The reasoning behind this is that the perceived value of anything is directly correlated with it’s scarcity. Thus, if we value something it probably means that it’s hard to get (there’s some faulty logic in my argument but for +95% it holds true and that’s good enough for now).

Now Seth point is that we should take this understanding of how hardships work to realize it whenever we’re going through a dip. Seth solution is simple. If you realize that you’re stuck you don’t have to panic and not panicking is what allows you to take action to get out of the dip. Here’s a quote that suck with me from the book alluding to this and the reason why I wrote this post:

When you’re thinking about quitting remind yourself “Ah this is where people quit” and double down.

Reframing quitting this way is SO powerful. Think about it. Every time you think about skipping the gym, give up on your diet, etc. you can have this little voice in your head telling you “Ah this is where everyone else quits. Are you going to be like everyone else?” Maybe I am going to far with this but I’ve already had this happen to me a couple of time and I am honestly so glad about it(:

Moving forward I think the trick will be to sustain this over extended period of time and make sure I can hear this “voice” loud and clear when things get reallyy hard.

Now get back to work..