Accept and Commit

Note to future self…

Sometimes doing stuff sucks. I have goals that I’ve set for myself and more importantly systems that I’ve built that I am now committed to maintain. A lot of days I don’t feel like doing shit and it sucks because I still have to show up.

This made me think – could you build a mental hook that serves as a reminder/anchor during those tough days? I did some research/thinking and the best thing I could come up is this idea of accepting and committing.

This is actually a form of psychological therapy but I think it can be useful for what I need. My interpretation of it is that we should:

a) Accept difficult situations and not avoid them (stoic)

b) Commit to following through with a specific action that’s in service of your broader goals

I think that that last point really matters because it’s what helps you establish certain perspective.


When things start to get tough think about how can:

  1. Accept the situation
  2. Commit to taking action in service of your broader goal

Now back to work…