A Life Driven by Impulse

Note to my future self..

Today I came across this article on Medium and it had a quote on it that I particularly liked. It says:

“If you never reflect on your desires, you live your entire life driven by impulse”

I think that this is such a powerful call for us to stop and taking the time to reflect on why we do the things that we do and why do we want the things we want. It’s easy to let your instincts drive your actions and it’s even easier to let other’s instincts drive your own actions.

I think this quote is just a call to take control of your life to make sure that you’re living intentionally. On my end, I think the main takeaway is that when I do my annual review in a couple of days I will take the time to reflect on why am I setting the goals/systems that I am setting and understand whether this is best use of my time/energy.

Now get back to work..