A case in favor of calendars

Note to my future self…

Last week I wrote a short post on why I am against calendars. Today I will do the complete opposite and argue that calendars, if structured well, can be super useful. See after writing that short post last week I realized that my problems wasn’t really with calendars. My problem is the lack of flexibility of micromanaging every second. For it’s simply not realistic (at least not the way I’ve done it). This got me thinking about ways in which I could structure my day in a way that would work for me. I’ve also wanted to get better at prioritizing my most important work first so I thought that this would be a perfect time to do just that.

The Solution

After thinking about it for a while the solution that I came up with was to structure my days into 4 blocks of 3 hours with 1 hour intervals to decompress. Here’s what today looks like for example:


As you can see there’s only really six hours of “real” work here, which is not a lot in theory. The reality is that I’ve had a hard time pushing myself to focus for this long. These blocks of time are high intensity and after one of them I am mentally exhausted. You can also see that I “decompress” for 4 hours every day. This might seem a lot of downtime and my response is


The whole point of structuring my day in this way is that there are certain activities that I only do in certain blocks. For example, I only exercise during my “morning routine” block and I only write these posts during my “night routine” block. These associations are obviously not fixed because I am playing around with them but hopefully you get an idea.

That’s it for now. Right now my focus is to make this structure work and make it feel second nature to me. I will report back with any updates.

Now back to work…