365 Days

Note to future self…

Today marks 365 days of writing a short blog post every single day. I am incredibly happy about this because this is the first time that I have consistently done something for an entire year. This blog started as an experiment to help me think out loud and here we’re 365 essays later.

These posts are quite selfish in a way and I am not even sure if anyone reads them. Nevertheless, they’re incredibly cathartic. These posts help me process all the raw information that I take in. Writing also helps me really understand and digests what I learn.

What’s Next?

I want to keep writing these posts. They’re incredibly time-consuming and at times it feels that I should be working on other things. Nevertheless, this past year has been so incredibly rewarding and I want to keep documenting my progress.

I want to start experimenting with other mediums beyond text. It might be an audio version of these posts or maybe even video. I will start experimenting with different formats and see what works. Again, this is all an experiment(:

Time to keep going.

Now back to work…